Midi input limits met?

So the S2400 had a temporary meltdown last night (a few times) but I am not filling this as a bug report because the circumstances were a little extreme.

I was experimenting with using the S2400 as a sound module, sequenced externally, from Patterning 2 on the iPad which all worked as expected and actually was a nice alternative setup for the S2400! so I do recommend trying it. at the same time I was also trying out cc’ing some stuff in the 2400 with a midi LFO generator, I was only running the LFO’s into the pan and again it was working as expected but at one point I wiggled a filter knob and the 2400 went into a kind of time warp were the samples and timing (even though it was sequenced externally) all slowed down. It sounded like it was trying to play the notes coming into it but processing them seconds after the fact. I stopped Patterning 2 and re-started and all was fine for a while again.

Anyway, all that’s just to say I am getting the impression that data is bottlenecking at lower amounts than I am used to with other kit and it is the audio engine that starts to suffer. I have noticed this occasionally when triggering long samples (from the SD….which is a very fast one), again timing skips and sample drop outs.

Is this all part of the same picture? are the CPUs at max?

So I realise the thread title is not super accurate but it was just that for me this issue of data overload showed itself in that scenario. And to be fair - I described it as ‘extreme’ as there were 3 midi LFOs going and they were kicking out a very fast stream of continuous data.

Also, one of the times when the 2400 had a meltdown it was just from opening the pan screen! which was flickering at epileptic rates!!!

Are these events a bug? Or is it just the data rate ceiling being revealed?

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