Midi Help... (Midi Banks)

I am trying to use the midi banks to control the chops of Serato Sample that im running on Maschine. I thought i had it figured out but the midi map doesnt save or load or something I think… Since there is only 2 banks of 8 and serato sample has 32 chops total I used the multi mode and did 8 chops per pad over 4 pads. I matched the scaled with the pitch in the multimode, saved it, and thought I was good to go but when i restart the S2400 its lost. Does anyone know how to save this permanently? Thanks

you can have 4 banks of 8 for midi - not just 2 - goto shift+settings, hit global and change midi only banks to what you need :slight_smile:

as for saving the midi map and making sure it works - i cannot say more than search this forum as i know it came up before - quite sure there is a focused thread about it somewhere on main pages or in the user area somewhere - it seems covered in the manual as to what steps you should be taking

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Deleted my last two replys. I figured it out. Thanks a lot.

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