MIDI CC causing distortion/zipper noise [CONFIRMED 506]

hey :slight_smile:
is there any fix for the cc control of pan and cutoff causing digital distortion?
makes it unusable… maybe on other ccs too?

controlling the s2400 with a hapax (same with other controllers) - cc lfos to both parameters - pan is worse but present on cutoff too
haven’t used the s2400 in a while so maybe there’s a smoothing function i’m missing?
on latest firmware


Just bumping to see if anyone else has experienced this?

What you’re hearing likely is zipper noise. There is no smoothing on MIDI CC input at the moment. It wasn’t really designed with LFO type modulation in mind. Having said that, we’ve made an internal ticket for it, and Mickey will take a look next time he’s in the code. Thanks for reporting :+1:

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Thanks for the update.
Smoothing would be fantastic, much appreciated.