External midi LFO

Not sure a bug or feature request or lack of my understanding

Trying to get the S2400 filter to be modulated by Logics Midi FX (modulator). I have set up an external instrument in Logic, inserted Midi FX and set the LFO to affect Midi 74 (filter brightness)

Into S2400 sync - receive cc enabled (not sure what else tbh)
Set the filter to B (over dub)

Hit a pad (with logic running etc) and nothing

The S2400 does respond to other Logic Midi FX like arpeggiator on a single note…So it must be the S2400 filter not responding to midi messages?

Would be great to have LFOs controlling the filters instead of boring left to right finger sweeps


Have you tried with any other MIDI CC generator set to the same MIDI channel and CC, such as another synth or automation in your DAW?

Midi seems fine as the S2400 responds to Logics Midi FX Arpeggiator

Just cant seem to get the filter to respond to anything (logic is sending LFOs to midi 74 which is the filter cut off)

I’m guessing the arpeggiator uses note on/off, which is much more basic and less intensive than CC. Can you test CC with anything else?

Yes OB-6 responds fine with Logics modify LFO midi

Plug in the OB6’s to the S2400 via MIDI (I’m assuming the knob sends MIDI CC). Does that work?

The OB-6 is the module not keyboard - not sure the point…Logic sends midi to cc74 and it affects the OB-6 as expected.

Can you get the s2400 filter to respond to external midi?

That shouldn’t matter, you’re not worried about note on/off, velocity etc data, you’re looking to transmit MIDI CC, which the OB6 should do

I don’t have my S2400 yet, but I can debug a MIDI chain.

Tbh i dont think its possible

according to he midi implementation chart it should work


is logic recording midi data when you send CC74 from 2400 out? i would start there.

daft question: you have setup up your incoming midi correctly? midi focus and all other checkboxes are correct?

havent got my 2400 here as being repaired so i can’t work through what you may have missed