Max gain window, if fader not moved can't hear the difference

I have one bar looping with a charley recorded on it. In the following screen when adjusting the db value if I don t move the fader and if I don t make it knock on top for example I can’t hear the difference.

edit: when lowering the value with the encoder I can hear it becoming quiet on the fly but when raising the gain that doesn t seem to work unless I move the fader

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This screen only sets the range of the mix fader. It does not change the mix volume. You have to move the fader to do that.
Of course, if you set the max lower than the current fader position, then the volume goes down.

Yeah I see what you mean but to set the max value my fader is already on top. It is counterintuitive to have to lower it to hear something. Anyway I will spend more time with the machine at the weekend. Thank you very much for your support and your work. :slight_smile:

If the fader is at max, and you increase the max range, you expect the volume to go up. Hmm…

Hey, other people reading this: What do you think?

Do I understand it correctly? if the fader is at max and you adjust the level max from some non 0db value (e.g. -10db) to 0 do I expect the volume to increase with this change?

I can see an argument for both cases, but I personally lean towards having to move the fader to reflect the boundary change.

Thanks for the feedback. I ll just remember it is a 2 step operation when increasing gain.

  1. Set the max range roughly
  2. Adjust the fader to hear a boost