Making a piece of hardware

Just sayin thanks for brad starting this company and making hardware for people to use. This is a tremendous undertaking and it is appreciated. For outsiders looking in they can be demanding and unreasonable, this is part of why I don’t partake in the sharing/SM world, it is bizarre and offputting. Just making a note here, this is an incredible accomplishment, and you have unbridled excitement amongst those who didn’t hesitate to invest in the goal and dream of this great machine. Those demanding folks get a boutique machine delivered for free, or that testers share what they desire on the spot, is no rebuke of the work committed, but a representation of the instantaneous demanding for attention satiation, irrespective of their investment or dedication that’s been exhibited by bringing this to fruition All the best J


This is commentary on this phenomena
An irony is that some demanding a carepackage for free to their most-certainly-not-economically-hurting-as-much-as-others-artist totally are missing the point here, if their fav artist wants one I’m sure they have a bill to throw down, we did, it’s not an insane investment AT ALL, there are folks who come up w hardware that never sees the light, no distraction w this, all the best J

I spent about 5 years with a team that designed/built/manufactured the software & hardware for a sophisticated electronics product… fantastic work but the scope and complexity of getting something done and built is no small feat. Half the reason I impulse ordered two weeks ago when youtube served me up a live demo video and I found out about the SP2400 is that I was so fired up seeing the factory production footage when I followed up on looking into the machine… I felt such an affinity for the milestone knowing what goes into getting hardware ready for production! Astounding! I think everyone is stoked out of their brains to get their units in the coming months and unfortunately some people don’t have the perspective and/or skills to communicate that effectively and positively. Never forget what effort and human spirit it takes to manifest something new and real!


@EHO YEA! Perfectly put! The energy is inspiring, the accomplishment is real! The sharing is appreciated! The consideration of what we the artist userbase enthusiasts want is thoughtful! And what really made me have added affinity is when Brad said in an early video he said someone said “why are you putting 2 x phono pres in it” and he said “because I want them, I know I could save money, but I want to build what I think is cool” or something to that effect, and that ethos is an outlier in building new products, setting this apart, and having passion for it. So glad, it’s what we want too. Cheers!


Word, I’m excited but I’d much rather be patient and wait for the dev team to feel like the software is :100: before shipping. I’m absolutely beside myself with anticipation but as it grows so does my inspiration. Gonna hit the ground running the day this thing arrives.