Loop input monitoring settings should apply only when in looper bank

As I already mentioned in the post, I would like loop input monitoring settings to be active only when the looper is currently active. If any other bank is selected, the global input monitoring settings should apply.


Not sure I would prefer that but maybe as an option. I usually go back and forth between the sample, midi and looper banks and wouldn’t want the input signal to change every time I switch bank.

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@Melkerpetterson Well, if you have the identical input settings set both globally and in the looper, then you will not hear any input signal changes. But it surely depends on the use case. BTW the sampling mode seems to have separate input monitoring settings.

@Mickey Thinking of the spectrum of possible usages (a single input for everything ↔ different settings for different tracks and/or banks), I’m imagining that the options could unfold in a similar way: from the simplest to the advanced.

Let’s say there is a check box “Custom looper settings” in the (global) Input monitor settings. When not checked, the input monitor settings in the looper says “Inherited from global settings” or something like that. But when the user checks the box, the individual settings become available under the Input monitoring menu item for each looper track (I also wish the globals could be used as a template in the moment the looper bank is created or the checkbox is activated).

I think this way the settings would appear in a more structured way. And, what’s best, the looper settings would be hidden when they are not needed.