Live Looping mode

Is there away to access your kit and put sounds on pads while in live looping mode?

not as far as i know - once you leave the looping group the pad goes green - basically in standby

now, this may be due to how i have my loopers set - not sure

maybe @rozz3r is better to answer if he gets chance

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Gotcha. Ya i’ve tried to put in sounds from a kit and then enter live lopping mode and then the pads go blank and it starts on pad 1. And i don’t think you can also load kits when your’e in live looping mode cause it just brings up live loop settings when hitting shift and a pad. I hope they extend the sample time in live looping mode in the near future as well would be cool to record vocals

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yeah if need more time rather than overdubbing and dumping to sample is not an option , the best thing to do is use multiple pads then get cute with how you mute them and dump to sample while pads are playing on other loops

takes some gymnastics but doable