Live loop solo not working

Not sure if a bug or if I messed something up. First time using live looping - recorded a loop (mono) onto D1, and runs perfect. I have it set to it’s own track, 8. Mutes work immediately, but solos don’t seem to do anything - both are set to immediate. Soloing does seem to choke track 7, but just briefly (a wah-ish sample you can hear toward the end of the short vid attached). I did have some trouble merging the loop initially after recording - as in ‘A’ stayed illuminated no matter what I did, until I recorded some silence over it and hit ‘B’ to remove - then ‘A’ went dark. Not sure if related just recalling as much detail as possible from recording. Input 1 - and I do not recall if I set to “Left Only” could very well have left it stereo. Solo doesn’t work whether in stereo mix out, or in this example I have it outputting mono on channel 8.

To attempt a workaround I saved the loop as a sample, assigned to a pad and recorded (not playing in this video obviously). Solo works there but I assume it’s a different file type at that point - and doesn’t truly serve as a workaround as un-mutes/solos hold until the pattern/loop restarts.

The liveloop solo error is fixed in dev and will be in the next update.

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