Left input dead in sample mode, but not in Input Monitoring mode, input 1+2

Hi! Bought my unit almost a year ago but just now found the time to start it up :sweat_smile:
So I immediately ran in to some trouble. While in Input Monitoring mode all sounds good. I want to sample in Stereo and I’ve made what I can guess is the correct settings, and the sample is playing in stereo (did pan the outputs left and right). But when entering sample mode it seems that the left input on input 1+2 is dead. When choosing stereo sample I only hear the right channel, and when choosing mono L sampling there’s no sound. But I can hear the left channel in Input Monitoring…? When switching to input 3+4 it works as i Imagine it should. What to do?


Or could this be that the “classic” input only can sample mono through one of the inputs to mimic the SP1200? I hope not :disappointed_relieved: because I bought this machine to be able to use the sound in stereo mode, already have an sp1200 and was hoping for this to be a modern take! Maybe this could be an added feature for the future if this is the case… But let’s see if any of you have info on the topic. Machine seems cool otherwise!

That doesn’t sound normal. Have you tried swapping out the cable itself to see if it it’s just going bad?

That doesn’t sound like it’s the problem though. If I were you I would raise a support ticket through the main website. Best of luck!

Made some more tests today, and the left input is working both mono L and in stereo when switching to 16 bit 48khz also on input 1+2. But when selecting 12 bit 26khz the left channel mutes. Strange