Mono only from phono pre amps in monitoring mode

I just noticed this as I was using the S2400 as preamp to my ADC to encode a record in my computer.
In shift/monitoring menue with stereo mode is selected but monitoring via 7/8 with the 7/8 connectors unplugged using the main out the signal is mono with a super tiny bit of weird stereo maybe due to phasing maybe.
If I go thru shift/sample menu stereo is fine.
this seems to do this on both phono input.

Did you have channels 7&8 panned left/right in the mix out panning settings?


I didn’t check that. I’m gonna do it and I’ll report. That’s gotta be it

That was it! but then something is a bit odd. If I select stereo I get the stereo signal if I select left input I get left only left channel active but it I select left+right I get sound on left but almost nothing on the right channel. If I do the same in the shit/sample menu things are fine. What else could be set up wrong?

Left+Right is not stereo, it is Left+Right mixed to a mono sound. So, if you are still panned, then you will only hear it on one side (plus a tiny bit in the other side because that’s how the mix out works).

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Alright it is all good then!

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