Irregular Recording of Single-Cycle Waves with Envelopes

I have found a strange issue with the recording of single-cycle waves that have envelopes applied. I had taken a sample and set the start/end/loop points to a single cycle, and it loops for 1 second. I then apply both amp and filter envelopes to the sound. It sounds great, and I can play the track along with the beat, but when I try to record it gets all nutzo. Sometimes it records properly, sometimes not. Sometimes it messes with the sample such that it doesn’t trigger properly, sometimes not. I have experienced it in multiple projects with different samples.

I have tried to explain in a video, but it doesn’t want to upload (possibly too large?) I will post the video in a thread on the Facebook group for reference.

I saw the video on FB. We will investigate.

@antalrc Still cannot duplicate. Can you please zip your project folder, and send me a link to it?

Here is a link to two different versions of the same project. They both have the single-cycle wave on track 8. The first project (Project001013) has no notes recorded for track 8, but the second one (Project 001013b) has notes that I had tried to record. You can hear the strangeness on the note playback in 001013b.


@antalrc Fixed it! Thanks very much for your help. Update coming soon.

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Thank you sir!