Individual voice card cost?

So I see pre-orders open with 2 and 4 card capability…

Can we buy the Parva cards that come on launch by themselves? How much will they be? I’m having trouble deciding between 2 or 4, especially with so many potentially cool cards on the horizon.

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Probably $100 a card would be my guess.

I think that is a fair guess, they may be different in price depending on what the card entails, and consider that 3rd party cards will hopefully be available in the future.

I’m mostly asking about the Parva-based cards that are available on pre-order.

I bet the Parva cards will be more than $100 at launch if they are $100 now. I ended up getting 4 even though I could see having less in my Caladan as more cards come out, because filling up the unit seems worth it.

That being said, I was hoping as we get closer to release if more cards are available maybe we could switch up which cards we are getting.

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The aim is to keep the cost of all types of cards below $200, to make them a no-brainer for people.
But yes, they are currently priced down to make early bird pre-orders more appealing.


Very very reasonable pricing boss