Having the waveform editor remembered and open (B lit) when switching back and forth multimodes for a multislice (same pad)

Could be useful in the case like in the video below for example.

What I m trying to do is :
After recording and when the sequencer is running, play override on a multislice to modify its end point and its envelope before applying the change with A+pad.

So for a visual feedback I have to switch back and forth multislice waveform editor and multi envelope.
Multi envelope no problem the B button stays lit and it goes directly to the envelope editor.
Multislice wave editor is not very handy because the window is closed and zoom settings are lost so each time I switch back and forth I have to press B and zoom in again.

OK I must admit this one is a tricky one because it seems that when leaving the multi envelope mode “play override on” for the envelope is lost. It seems to be active only when in this mode and not across the multislice mode.

I’ll try to find if can do what I want in Step program. It may be easier to do.