Global Tempo assigned to fader one as w/orig. SP?

Is there a setting that assigns fader one to control tempo? I tried hitting the tempo button or holding it down while moving the fader for channel one but the old SP did this all the time. Demo E-mu SP-12 Turbo Tempo Trick - YouTube shows me doing this at 0:10 and 0:24, it was as easy to hit the tempo button and then move fader 1 up to increase tempo and down to decrease. It’s really useful to time out samples to a metronome when they are not clearly tempo defined, or to help you find a tempo vs. endlessly typing in various tempos to see what works. If this already exists I apologize in advance and would love to know how to do this. Thanks!

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So I know there is the left and right arrows next to the tempo button that kind of does the job, but why not make the clone work like the original?

Press tap tempo button (highlights tempo field) and use the top left encoder to change tempo.

Hold shift and turn encoder to make smaller adjustments.

More of a successor than a clone. Fader one might not control tempo, but I’d take usb monitoring over that any day