Being able to lock faders individually

Forgive me if I have missed something I m discovering the machine.

I have a case I m not able to do what I m trying to do.

I have sampled drum loops and I m trying to make them fit to a fixed tempo. 70 bpm in my case for example.

I have another loop set and I don t want it to be changed accidentally so I fader locked everything (F8).

For my remaining loop I have to unlock the fader by pressing shift to be able to adjust the pitch. (setting is fine pitch).

The problem is what I m trying to do is press pad adjust the fader 1 mm press pad adjust the fader the fader 1 mm every 1 or 2 seconds. And it is impossible to achieve because doing this quickly leads to press shift+pad which brings the track settings menu and stop the workflow.

If it s not clear I can take a video.

So that made me thinking if there was individual fader lock it could be helpful.

Another idea. No offense but for example on the MPC we have a menu with numbers. Example 0.00. Would it be possible to implement this in the A or B button or maybe in Step program ? I think it would be useful for fine tune adjustment.


Please make a separate post for each feature request. It is very difficult to keep track otherwise. In this case, a numeric fine pitch adjustment has already been requested, and coded. It will be in the next release.


Your explanation is clear. I don’t need to see a video, thanks.