Future update? Need more sample quality?

In 1994, Roland debuted the MS-1.
There were 4 levels of sample quality, which users could choose at the time of recording. They were: High (44.1kHz/32.07kHz), Standard (32kHz/23.27kHz), Long-1 (22.05kHz/16.04kHz), and a gloriously lo-fi Long-2 (16kHz/11.64kHz). Canadian underground hip-hop producer Sixtoo and Prefuse 73 favorite, Eliot Lipp made great use of the MS-1. The same year, Roland released the JS-30, also a desktop unit. It could sample at either 8-bit or 16-bit with eight voices of polyphony.

To ISLA research & development group: I think it would be great in a future updated (if possible, I’m not a technician to know if it can be done) to include inside the S2400, more levels of sample quality, like mentioned above, so producers have more sound designing options. Thank you for your attention.

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Unless I’m mistaken, doesn’t the ISLA already do this to some degree?

You can already chance the sample bitrate of samples, from any value from 16 down to 1 bit.

No changing of sample frequency yet though

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Yeah, of course it does. I’m not implying that S2400 is not good bro… It kicks ass!

From the manual ‘Samples recorded at 26KHz are 12-bits. Samples recorded at 48KHz are 16-bits.’
And you can also resample (change sample frequency) 48 to 26khz, at any bit rate you desire.

Oh yeah. That’s right. You can choose between 48 or 26

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