FOR SALE: East West Quantum Leap (Bundle)

Ok it’s not a piece of gear.

But as VST’s go they are pretty fucking sweet.

And worth an absolute bomb bought brand new.

As you can see in the pictures it’s a bundle of 7.

They all sound awesome and they have come in use many times, quite reluctant to sell them if i’m being honest but I just slapped £500 on a 34 year old sampler that takes floppy disks so I need to get back in the wife’s good books somehow.

Would prefer selling them as a whole but if you are open to any individual ones let me know too…

Haven’t decided on an exact price yet but Im not gonna sell em for peanuts, definitely a gazillion miles cheaper than what they cost to buy online.

Also will most likely have a UAD Octo Pcie card for sale in a few coming days if anyones interested (and probably a few nice UAD plug-ins too with it too, not sure which to part with yet)