Firmware Update Issues "Generic USB Hub"

Trying to update my Kordbot with Windows parallels but when connecting the Kordbot in DFU mode, its recognised as a “generic USB hub” and not an STU device. I’ve tried updating the firmware for the device like in the video so it recognises it but this isn’t working.

Can anybody help?

Can i update with SD card instead?

Sounds like your system is defaulting to its own driver instead of the proper one from the Isla site
so definitely start there and grab the DFU drivers if you haven’t already

I had a similar issue, so hopefully this helps

When I plugged my Kordbot into my PC while the device was in DFU mode, it was never recognized by the updater utility. Turns out Windows had selected its own driver already, my device was appearing in the Device Manager under ‘Sound, Video, and Game Controllers’ and was registered as ‘Guillemot STM DFU Device’

From there, I was able to get the right driver installed and got it showing up properly as the ‘STM Device in DFU Mode’ in Device Manager

So if forcing the proper DFU driver on your ‘Generic USB hub’ isn’t working, then perhaps you haven’t identified the proper device in Device Manager. Maybe you can find something similar to what I had on my system?