(Firmware problem) The scale builder doesn't save properly

There is something that really annoys me with the Kordbot and the same thing happens to a friend of mine that also has one.

Every time I create a user scale and save the system data, the scale changes when I load the system data and only keeps the name. As an example I created the C mayor scale in “User 1” and named it “Mayor” then I saved, restarted the kordbot and loaded it again but now the notes have changed. I noticed that the kordbot changes the notes to the ones that form the user scale you changed. The custom scales keep the chord forms (Maj7, m11, dim…) but not the notes I put in the scale builder.

This forces me to rebuild the scales every time I try to use them

Confirmed and logged, thanks again for the support.

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Fixed in dev. Will be in next update.