F4 Slice mode not working as expected

Ive noticed that as I approach pads 6,7 and 8 using the F4 key does not seem to work correctly. Particularly when I have adjusted some of the start and end points to overlap or stray significantly from the default.

Notice how the End point jumps in the video. Same thing happens with start point if I have that highlighted. It does seem to find the previous end point if I move both start and end point past the previous pad. I also noticed that if I were to move pad 8 to where the start point was after pad 7 and the end point of pad 8 is the end of the sample, moving the start point to the adjacent end point of pad 7 also moves the end point of pad 8 (which I do not want)

To elaborate and make sure I am not misunderstanding the functionality I would expect F4 to cause the start point of the pad to move to the end point of the previous pad with the exception being that F4 on pad 1 should move it to the beginning of the file. I would expect similar functionality from F6 where it would move the end point of the pad to the start point of the next pad(or end of file on pad 8).

I don’t know whether I am answering the question effectively and please don’t hate me if I am stating something that everyone already figured out but I thought F4 and F6 weren’t working the way I expected but then realised that what I was doing wrong was that I was hitting the F4 before touching the next pad.

So let’s say you’re on Pad1/Slice 1 and you edit the end to be 1007567.

You tap Pad2 and THEN hit F4 and the start point of that slice will jump to 1007567

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@StupidAmericanPig Your description is correct. However, I cannot tell from the video what is happening.
In my testing, it does seem to be working as designed.

Hey @Mickey let me do a longer video and post via YouTube. The buttons seem either take the active point into consideration (start or end) and it only happens towards the back half of the pads.

Also will make the YT video private and take down once you see it.

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I think I have a reliable recipe. Load a sample to chop, let the start point of pad 8 be some point in between the start and end point of Pad 7. Now tap pad 8, and in the editor highlight the end point. Hit F4 and the start and end point for Pad 8 jump to the left. Video to follow shortly.

I see that now. Only happens on pad 1 and 8. It does not matter what field is highlighted.

Ah. For some reason, I thought that for slice 1 and 8, the F4/F6 behavior should be the same as when not in multi mode (that is, shift slice). It’s right there in the code. But, now that you point it out, that seems silly.

I think how it should work in multi mode is:
On slice 1, F4 should move the start to 0
On slice 8, F6 should move the end to the end of sample

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I think that sounds perfect, and that is what I would expect with the added benefit of being a quick way to reset start and end points.

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Fixed in dev. Will be in next update.
Thanks Craig