External effects doubts

I just bought my first piece of hardware effects, an alesis 3630 and I’m having some hard times on hooking the piece to the s2400, specially the I/O. I must be doing something wrong and there’s no option to route the monitor IN to the master out instead of channels 1-8.
Does anyone have any suggestions or tips how to do so? What would be the best way to use this compressor with the s2400?
This is probably something easy to do but I’m quite new on hardware gear.
Tks in advance.

The main outputs are only a sum of the 8 individual outputs, so you’ll have to plug the compressor in from the main outputs, and have the output of the compressor hooked up to your mixer or audio interface and listen from there.



do you want to just process and hear the 2400 mix/certain channels through the 3630?

or process stuff through the 3630 and feed into 2400?

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That would be perfect, I couldn’t get how the outputs scheme work. :confused: any tips?

It basically has 8 outputs and all those outputs gets summed to the stereo out if there are no cables in output 1-8.

If you put a cable in to one of the 8 individual outputs, that signal is removed from the main output and will go out the cable instead.

So there’s really no way to put the master output through the compressor and back in to the s2400 and hear only the compressed signal through the s2400 (headphones would be the only option here since the main outs go to the compressor). If you turn on input monitoring you will hear both the signal going out the main outputs (before compression) and the compressed signal coming back in.

You can howerever process stuff going out the individual outputs and then back into the inputs and hear only the effected signal, since that individual output won’t be audible through the main outputs/headphones if a cable is plugged in.

Hope that helps!

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It helps a lot. The thing’s that when monitoring the incoming signal doesn’t go the master out 9/10 straight, we can choose between the 1/2, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 and HP. Shouldn’t the incoming signal go to 9/10?

What happens to my tracks 7/8 if i route the incoming signal to outs 7/8?

I had an mpc 1k and when processing the signal with external effects the incoming signal would go straight to the master channel.
I didn’t get the mindset on the s2400 yet regarding this subject. :confused:

Output 9/10 (master output) is just an analog (I think) summing of the 1-8 outputs. You can’t send anything to only the master outputs.

If you monitor your input signal on channel 7-8 the incoming signal will just play out those outputs together with the other track assigned to that output. They won’t cut each other off or anything.

Haven’t owned any other vintage drum machine but it is a bit unusual compared to the modern one I’ve had. Ideally for me you would be able to send stuff out on only the master outputs as you can with outputs 1-8 but that’s not the case.

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I’ll try again later. Ty for your time, really appreciate.

No problem!