ErasePan light enabled in step sequencer?

The Pan / Erase button light is enabled when you enter the step sequencer and it doesnt turn off until you fiddle a bit.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Press step program

  2. Press F2 to enter TR Mode

notice the pan/erase button turns on right away

  1. Hit F2 again to exit TR mode and the Pan/Erase button is still illuminated

  2. Exit Step Program mode and Pan/Erase is still illuminated. you have to push it 2x more to turn it off.


If you leave step program mode while TR is still on and make erase disappear, when you re-enter step mode, the erase button comes right back on with f2.

Steps to fix:

Pan/Erase light shouldn’t be turned on by entering TR mode.

I’ve been getting the same thing, but only sometimes - the same steps will not always make it happen. When it does I have to push erase and then back, because it persists after leaving step edit.
But occasionally while futzing around in step edit, the metronome or quantize light will pop on and you have to select + back the same way . But most often it’s the erase light, even after using it for an hour or two without it happening, it will start doing it every time I enter step edit

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