Emax Sample Format

Have you thought about the ability to read Emax sample format? It would be great to be able to read old banks from the Emax I and II.

never say never


I’m Ok to start learning to code if I have to! :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Especially that my emax is really getting tired, that poor old thing.

I use Chicken Systems translator to convert my old floppies, cd roms and hard drives into other formats. It’s a bit cumbersome, but I got it working and was delighted to have my old school friends back! Now they can load into almost anything.


Another approach would be to publish your file format. Then it could be used as a conversion target by EMXP, Chickensys, Sample Robot, etc.

is the format documented somewhere?

@av500 Here is some information and a few utilities too.

I think this is for more “modern” Emu formats. But the Emxp option could definitely work.

The full suite of samplertools was 50% off on Black Friday so that upgrade path might be available Boxing Day, maybe. It and chicken system translater are at www.samplerzone.com its a family biz that specializes in conversion software for all sample formats.

if we can have the s2400 read also ensoniq formats like asr10 eps classic and eps16+ this will be mind blowing lol


Peep a software by Chicken Systems called Translator. You can convert several formats, including Ensoniq, to WAV.

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endorsing Chicken Systems products as a good pro tool

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