Dynamic Pad with Pad Threshold settings

I’m in need of some assistance understanding how to properly use the Dynamic Pad with Pad Threshold settings:

How does Pad Threshold work with Dynamic Pads active? I seem to get the pad to trigger sound no matter the setting 0-2000 by applying a small amount of pressure.

Also once the pad reaches the threshold is this suppose to trigger the sound at its full velocity of 127?

Demo Clip

In my experience, I think the threshold is separate from dynamic pads. Ive been treating threshold as the minimum pressure that will trigger the pad(dynamic or not). To me, the dynamic pads do require more finesse than I’m willing to develop so I normally just use multi level. Just to be sure I checked the manual and looks like the above description is correct. threshold is the minimum effort required to trigger the pad and dynamic pads ignore the level fader and use pad pressure to set velocity.

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Thanks S.A.P. From your explanation once the minimum pressure passes that Threshold the sound should trigger right? In demo clip I provide you can see and hear I’m barley applying lightly the same amount of pressure to the pad and it’s triggering the hi hat sound no matter what the threshold is set at 0,1000, or 2000 in the demo clip. I would think that I would have to apply more pressure as the threshold setting increases in number.

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I definitely notice that the threshold affects the minimum pressure required to trigger the pad, but it is a different response than the MPCs Ive used.

Thanks again S.A.P. I’m clearly having an issue with pad threshold because if I barley touch/apply slight pressure to the pad with it set to a higher setting like 2000 the S2400 shouldn’t trigger the sound as if it’s set to 0. Pad Threshold set at 2000 should require more pressure to exceed the threshold in order for the sound to trigger.

Threshold: the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction or result.

I’ve marked in this MPC explanation of the functionality of pad threshold. As for the video I’m only referring to Pad Threshold because it’s a feature that’s already implemented within the S2400. Pad sensitivity doesn’t exist so I not referring to that function at this time.

I find the Pad Threshold to be strange as well.

I’m having some double trigger issues with pads 1-3 and there’s really no remedy or change in behavior between Pad Threshold set to 100-2000.

March 17 UI firmware

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Just wanted to confirm I don’t see any difference with any of the Pad Threshold settings.

Also having lots of double-trigger issues from pads that seem hyper-sensitive.

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