Hi, not sure if the word “doubling” is a right (musical) term but I’m pretty sure that almost everybody here knows what’s meant. Adding weather the same sound an octave up or down “above” the original track or layering another sound playing the the same notes/steps often help to get a much better result in sound or help the mix… So it would be great to have an easy possibility for doubling, like a shortcut to copy one track with its pattern(s) to the next track and then another shortcut to change the pitch (or even also other attributes) of the whole (doubled) track (including all steps) quickly one octave up or down. Please forgive me if this concern has already been discussed or I even oversaw it in the manual or the videos. Thanx to everybody for reading or even enlightening me!

Copying events from one track to another is coming apparently. You will then be able to transpose the notes up +12. I hope it arrives pretty soon as I’d really like to have that feature.

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