Does stop on mute affect solo?

Trying to figure out how mute and solo work in general. I guess it’s not designed to cut and uncut audio in “real time” like we can do in a DAW right?

The context is I was trying to do a sound comparison directly in the s2400 after sampling.
Nothing is recorded or playing in the sequencer.

1- Record 2 samples of the same track of a record and assign them to different pads.
2- Press the 2 pads at the same time and try to use solo to listen to samples alternatively.
Quickly everything will be cut

It works only with 1 sample by the way.
Sample something that’s 2 minute long. Assign it to pad A01 and press pad A01. Then press the A02, A03 or whatever solo button.
−> The sound on A01 is immediately cut meaning playback is stopped even if solo is turned off just after.

I ve noticed that if I uncheck stop on Mute I don’t have the behavior above. Solo doesn’t seem to work but it doesn’t seem to stop the playing sample in the background.

So as a bonus question I m wondering what’s the effect of stop on mute on solo :slight_smile:

When a sound is muted:

  • If Stop On Mute is off, it is allowed to play out (this is mainly for percussion sounds so their decay does not get cut off).
  • If SOM is on, it is stopped - not silenced, but totally stopped and will not be heard again until it is un-muted and re-triggered.

During the time a sound is muted:

  • It will not be triggered by a pattern event. If there is a 2 second sound on the first step of a pattern and it is muted, un-muting it 1 second later will not make the sound play from the middle. It will not play again until it is re-triggered.

When a sound is soloed, that is the same thing as muting all other sounds.

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Thanks for the explanations :slight_smile: