Copy song to pattern / tempo changes are not reflected / a couple of questions concerning limitations

Just trying the copy function right now.

As written in the title, it seems that tempo changes are not reflected when copying a song to a pattern

A couple of questions:
What are the limitations when copying a song to a pattern? Seems I had one limitation at 32 bars and another one at 70 bars. And when copying a song over 100 bars to a sequence it seems to bug. I mean some steps inside a bar seems to be a cut and don’t play.

What’s the limitation concerning the playhead and the displayed bars?

One suggestion: it would be better to change the pattern name to Song 1 Copy or something that reminds the song rather than a pattern.

Is navigation (go to previous or next bars) with the transport keys on the radar?

As it says on P.43 of the manual “Tempo and swing changes within a song cannot be copied to a single pattern, so they will be ignored.”

Thanks for the suggestions, and for testing the extreme cases.


Thanks for the answer. Understood. I must admit I need to RTFM the new manual :slight_smile: