Clarifying - Pattern / Bars Editing

I am still pretty new to the S2400. So far I like it a lot and it has the sound I wanted and a workflow I am getting more used to each day. I cannot find an answer / method to achieve the following:

  1. Edit a patterns, specifically, delete bars not at the end. So I have a 3 bar pattern and I want to delete the first bar only. Or say… moving bars 2-3 to the start which now becomes 1 & 2 of a 2 bar pattern. Perhaps a workaround that will allow me to swap / invert bar 1 & 2. Hopefully that makes sense.

  2. Select all events by track so I could shift / edit multiple events on the same track at once.

Any help or thoughts are appreciated.


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Hello Again,

I must have started off wrong in this forum because I figured being such a small and unique community, getting a response would be likely. I bought the unit for the sound not the social support but 0 replies to my post means I either was unclear in my question or rude and disregarded some forum rules or guidelines.

So I apologize for both. First off, I am Jayson from the East Coast of Canada. I have owned and use many drum machines and samplers. This unit impressed me and I wanted to get my hands on one to have fun and make some cool tracks. The 12 bit sounds is legit and awesome and you will not go wrong with this machine. I hope to learn something about the machine from this forum and I hope to eventually share my experience with the forum.

Now for the questions… simplified and more clear, I think…

  1. Can I delete a bar from the start or middle of a pattern, or only from the end of that pattern? For example, I want to delete bar 1 from a 3 bar pattern, leaving me with 2 bars remaining (what was bar 2-3 is now bar 1-2).

  2. Is there a method to select all events in a pattern by track? For example, select all snares events on track 2, so I can edit them all together. Such as move or shift the timing or change velocity for all selected events at once.

Any thoughts, answers or work arounds are appreciated.


Welcome to the forum Jayson. No need to apologize. No reaction to your post is just bad luck IMO. Your question was clear in the first post. Let me try to give some answers to your questions:

  1. Yes that is totally doable. Hit the ‘step program’ button on the top right. Then more the cursor to the beginning of the 2nd bar (e.q. using the rotary encoder). Select the 2nd and 3rd bar by pressing and holding the ‘shift’ and the use the rotary to make the selection. Hit enter (or press the rotary) and choose ‘cut’. After that move the cursor to the start of your sequence and press ‘shift-F7’ or hold F7 for about 1 second. In the action menu now choose paste & replace. That’s all.

  2. In the action menu you used for the answer to the first question, you can see at the top a set of selection boxes that you can use to choose which of the tracks should have the action applied.

After doing a couple of use cases, like the ones you asked, you’ll soon see that the action menu is very flexible and that you can do a lot more than that.


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Oh… and shifting can be done by using F4 (also combined with a selection). This works a little bit different. You can do it from the action menu, but also more direct: make a selection and press and hold F4 and then also the pad of the track you want to shift. Then turn the encoder to shift. Make sure that your set the grid to the right size for your movements by using the zoom buttons (F1=out, F3=in, from memory)

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Thank you so much for the reply and the detailed instruction on how to complete the actions I desired. I am not sure how I missed this in the videos. I better dig into the manual a bit more to unlock the many other goodies that are this box. I did not think such a well built and thought out machine would lack those simple features.

I appreciate your guidance.