CC10 (PAN) and stereo channels [RESOLVED]

Stereo channels cannot be panned left using CC10.

My use case:

  • Assign a stereo sample to e.q. pad A3 and assign the output to a channel that is panned for stereo.
  • Send a CC99 with value 2 (activating A3)
  • Send a CC98 with value 10 (activating CC10 for A3)
  • Send a CC06 with value 0
  • Listen to the panning: sample sounds like it was already, in the middle.
  • Send a CC06 with value 127
  • Listen to the panning: sample sounds only on right.
  • Send a CC06 with value 64
  • Listen to the panning: sample sounds somewhere in between the middle and right.

I’m using the headphone for testing. I don’t know if this also occurs on the mix outputs. I also did not test what happens if you send CC10 directly to a channel.

When sending CC06 with value 0, I expect the stereo sample to be panned hard left, in the same manner that the sample is panned hard right when sending a value of 127.

Whilst this does make sense, the reason why it works the way it does is that panning is handled on an Output basis, not on a “per sample” basis. For example, if you have two mono samples both assigned to Output 1, but both given different MIDI Channels, sending CC10 on either MIDI Channel will pan both samples because it’s Output 1 that is panning, not the sample.

Outputs have no knowledge of whether a sample is mono or stereo.

I’ll put this in our bug tracker as a feature request. I don’t think it’s a bug, more a limitation of the way panning works in the S2400.