Cartridge recommandation

Any good recommandation for a cartridge (moving magnet) for listening and sampling?

Budget is low range or why not mid range.
I ve used a sumiko black pearl for 10 years but unfortunately my son broke the needle :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (the evil thing we all did once in a distant past :japanese_goblin: )

The price of a new needle being almost the same as a new cartridge I think it’s time to buy something else.

I have M44-7 for scratching so I don’t need a DJ cartridge :slight_smile:

How was the black pearl (RIP)? I’m in the same boat, been considering getting a hi-fi cartridge for ripping, listening and sampling as well, had been considering a Nagaoka MP-110. I don’t want to go much beyond €200, but the 200 might also be tempting if I win the lottery or something.

Just looking for something clean and detailed to play well with 1200 MKIIIs - can live with components leaning on the warm side - already have M44-7s also and Taruya 01-M Red as dj cartridges. The Taruya sounds great to the point that I wonder if it’s going to be worth it or if I should just grab something higher up in their range, but on the other hand it’s definitely a punchy, high gain dj cartridge, so my feeling is that something a bit more hi-fi would be useful as an alternative.

It was the opposite of the M44-7 in my setup. Less high, more bottom. So usually, if the record sounded harsh or too much sibilance with the Shure I would use the Sumiko to have a non aggressive sample. It was really nice because I had the choice of the colour of the sample when sampling.

For the next one, I don’t know if I will go that route though. I may just choose something more balanced, something that has more fidelity. :slight_smile: