Capture MIDI and OLED Brightness Adjustment

hi, first post here. woohoo! there’s two things i would like to see that could possibly be implemented in the future. first, i would like to have a “capture MIDI” feature just like what you can do in Ableton Live. here’s what this feature is all about straight from Ableton’s knowledge base:

Live is always listening to MIDI input on armed or input-monitored tracks, and Capture MIDI lets you retrieve the material you’ve just played on those tracks. This is particularly useful if you forgot to press the Record button before playing, or if you prefer to improvise or experiment freely without the stress of recording.

my second feature request is to be able to adjust the brightness for the OLED screen. my eyes are kinda sensitive to bright lights. maybe i’m a vampire lol. anyway, i think it would be nice to adjust the brightness to your personal preference.

This is an older post, but I have a bit of news on the OLED brightness. There is only so much that can be done in software, but we did add an brightness setting in the next release. It is a subtle but noticeable difference.

MIDI capture is a much bigger effort. Also, please keep it to one feature per request.