Bug: Aliasing issue?

Forgive me if this was already mentioned: Aliasing missing from some steps in the down pitch process. Almost always when I down pitch a sample and finally get the pitch to match the original sample it lands on a step where the aliasing is missing. I have also noticed that when you try to name your project/sound that it won’t allow you to use certain letters for about a minute and then you have full access to all characters.

That is not a bug. There can be no aliasing at exactly 2x or 1/2 (+/- 12 semitones) of the original sample rate.

That’s one reason the 45rpm trick works so well- when you get back to the original pitch you’re not pitching a octave down.

Thanks Mickey. For example, If I speed the sample up to +60 on my MPC3000 and then sample it into my SP1200 I can down pitch it to match the original pitch with aliasing, but on the s2400 the aliasing is missing at this step, in fact no matter how much I sped it up (+70, +100, +180, etc) the aliasing is almost always missing when I bring the pitch back down to original pitch.

I am not sure what you mean. The most the S2400 can pitch down is 20 semitones. If you speed it up to +60, it will not pitch down to the original pitch.

+60 on the MPC (tuning in the parameters page) is what I always speed it up to. Then I pitch it back down on the SP. It’s a tuning scale not a semitone.