Bandpass / Highpass Filter artifacts

The bandpass and highpass filters have some weird artefacts when at max frequency (20k)

In theory you should not hear much - but there is some weird elements coming through that you would not expect to hear. (Thumps and clicks from a kick drum etc)

While not as apparent - the low pass still lets through clicks from truncation of samples etc - these clicks have a high freq content element to them - but I’d expect the filter to roll this off -especially when Lowpass is set at 20Hz.


I give some credence to this, it’s something we’ll look at soon enough.


I’ve seen this as well. I llike to set a bandpass to filter out everything but the bassline on a sample so I can turn activate the filter after x number of patterns to just hear the bass. With it on I notice some high crackles and pops and even if they do exist in the sample shouldn’t be coming through where my eq band is set.

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Yea I noticed this as well.

i can confirm the low pass filter clicks

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