Audio levels cut out randomly

Hey all

Unsure if anybody has experienced the same issue but it’s happening pretty often.

The volume sometimes on my main out and sometimes just on individual sounds the volume cuts out to what seems about 50% volume.

I’m not sure if the hardware is faulty or if it’s somehow user error( can’t imagine how but I’m open to that)

Just happened to me playing my song out, and I bounced between banks and went back to my bank with the sample and the sample volume just cut out to being able to hardly hear it. I checked all the faders and settings to no avail. rebooted the box and then played the song and volume was restored to normal levels.

This has happened to me simply playing a pad over and over again and suddenly the volume cuts to half.

No rhyme or reason to it.

Anyone have this issue or can the devs assist?

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Yeah i randomly get that too…Annoying…One of those gremlins which occur every now and then

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