An option to switch to a symetrical Loop/Slice "Coarse/Ms/Samples"

I swear i tried to format my brain to use the “Coarse/Milliseconds/Samples” disposition for setting the start point and Samples/Milliseconds/Coarse for the end, but i still don’t understand why it’s inverted for the end, and it hurt me everytime :slight_smile:

Am i the only one ?

As we can now invert Cutoff/Res, i would be very happy to be able to revert “Samples/Milliseconds/Coarse” to “Coarse/Milliseconds/Samples”

Unfortunately, I can’t say I agree. It feels very intuitive to me the way it is, because you’re moving in the direction you’re editing.

I respect your feeling but this is nonsense for my brain :rofl: It’s like working with ADSR and RSDA

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It makes sense to me how it is, “outside is biggest” works in my brain. Going immediately to the outside faders to grab the broad strokes adjustment makes more sense to me than going for the third one from the right to adjust the end. But I can understand how someone might want them in the same order.

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