Add "Save File (Overwrite)" to "Save Sample/Slice" window

The background is saving a sample after normalizing in loop/slice mode.

I think adding a “Save File (Overwrite) line and modifying 'Save file” → "Save File (New) could help because:
-We don’t always want multiple copies of the same sample.
-We can’t see the full file name because of the screen size restriction and because when it is not highlighted it doesn’t scroll.
-Generally it is time consuming to overwrite a sample.


The file name does scroll when highlighted. I just checked and that is working.

yeah it scrolls no problem.

I meant when you go to save sample/slice, by default the cursor is on “save file” so if we don’t go up to the file name field we can’t see long file names.

Anyway in this case of normalizing, I m not sure users would like to keep copies of the same sample at -10db -6db -3db or 0db. In my opinion, a simple way to overwrite would improve the workflow :slight_smile: