Add On DSP Module Announced!

I’m personally waiting for the software update more than anything and I learned to ignore words like “soon” because they don’t really mean anything. There isn’t even a ballpark. I asked Brad a few months ago and he said “soon” as well.

I was really hoping for a minor update addressing issues but it is becoming more evident that the update is turning into something major and maybe the team is trying to cram the fixes in as well as new features… which is, in all honesty, very scary from the software development point of view. I am still holding a very strong stance that bugs really need to be focused on and addressed before any more features are introduced. The complexity of the product grows and even more bugs will appear.

Also, the timing of the new tutorial, which is based on current software version, could be an indirect confirmation that the updates aren’t coming at least for the next few months. Otherwise, would it be feasible to shoot a tutorial series based on something outdated in the first place?

On the other hand, the tutorial might cover basic functionality which isn’t planned to change. So the timing could be irrelevant in this case.


All I want is Vinyl SIM.

Anything else would would be secondary but awesome- Valhalla, SoundToys, U-he, TAL, etc. All stellar options.

Imagine if you could load any VST up to a S2400 VST wrapper on your PC and assign each of the 8 knobs to various functions.

It would function like the original VST but sound like it’s coming out of an S2400. Hooboy that would be sweet.

A boy can dream lmao

While I agree that bug fixes are important, I don’t see the point in worrying about the new update. This device has always had new features and bug fixes added with each update. And I think most would say that with each update it becomes more and more powerful and useful. Eventually they won’t be able to add any major new features and they’ll do a few bug fix updates and they’ll be on to the next big thing (I assume). The last time Brad really mentioned what the update would be was like 3 months ago right? So plans changed… they figured out how to expand live looping, stereo live loops and other stuff people have been asking for…that’s not so scary in my opinion. They haven’t let us down yet.

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Brad confirmed on FB yesterday something that I suspected when it comes to the tutorials: ‘Most likely weekly. We certainly don’t rush Alex. They are uploaded as they are finished and signed off on. It’s not like we have them here all ready to go and we are getting all lemon about it and drip feeding them to y’all. ;)’. And Alex confirmed that he just finished filming the ‘Filter, Levels, Envelopes, Loop/Slice’ segment. He hopes to see it released this week.

I dunno. Brad just had a kid, videos are coming and I haven’t seen anything to imply that the needed bug fixes aren’t still en route. Personally, I’m making great music with this beauty and will keep doing so when the updates/cards come. But I’m also very inclined to cut them some slack…tutorials and updates are coming on the best timeline that they can offer for such a small outfit: when they are ready.

The reality is slightly less positive than you are trying to portray it. A friend of mine purchased his unit during the livestream announcement of the current firmware. Since then he hasn’t seen any updates yet.

Yeah, but we have not seen an update in seven months. The last update was massive and a bug that’s driving me crazy hasn’t been fixed in the last iteration. That’s not how you make a proper software product.

This is getting close to wishful thinking assuming that new features do not introduce new bugs and compound on existing bugs. Please correct me if I am reading this wrong, are you suggesting for us to go through feature updates, have our projects lost, wait for at least half a year every time until all features on the list are completed and only then focusing on bugs?

In software development this is adding a lot of risk because clearly there isn’t a lot of software QA that goes into the product. It also seems like the beta testing group isn’t so big so it is unrealistic to expect them to catch many issues given that they are just users and not really QA professionals. Also, the beta testers have been saying that there hasn’t been a beta build yet.

What I have been trying to say all this time, and yet some seem to be focused on the emotional factor of things, is that more frequent minor updates will be less risky for the product given the small team and that the end user is essentially a beta tester.

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Oh for sure! Although, I’m not sure how involved Brad is in SW Dev in this project. There also hasn’t been any evidence that the bugfixes are still en route despite the word “soon”. So it’s just another perspective!

I am very inclined like yourself! And I love my unit, the community and the team. Don’t get me wrong. We frequently discuss things here not for the sake of spreading negativity. You can see me frequently writing posts here and on FB because I really want this project to flourish and I want to help.

I am making great music until I start losing projects, seeing bugs everywhere and then I simply don’t want to touch this unit anymore. Rinse repeat.

Please, keep in mind, that everyone uses their units differently and while you may not have encountered issues it doesn’t mean that they do not exist.

Sure, I saw that too. Although, it doesn’t really reduce uncertainty or sheds light in terms of development in any way.

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It’s getting a bit off-topic here but I guess we’ll see the new fw update this year. In the past, it was often released when a new batch of s2400 is sent to new customers so the dame pattern may happen again in November or December who knows.

Anyway I agree that more frequent fw maintenance updates that only fix bugs are needed. The machine is still buggy since its release.

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Im not trying to argue with your opinion on how you think the software development should play out. I can see your point of view and it’s not unreasonable, but they’re doing it their way and that’s not up to us. I could have phrased that better but all I’m saying is I don’t see the point in stressing over things we can’t control, and assuming it’s going to be a huge problem before we know.

I didn’t say that.

Nope, i didn’t suggest that or say any of that. I was more stating that this approach to firmware updates tracks with what they’ve done in the past, so it will probably continue like this (hopefully not as long between though) until they feel there aren’t any major new features they can add, and then they will probably iron any remaining new or old bugs out. That’s speculation on my part, but I think it’s a fair guess.

I get that, and agree that would be ideal. Brad has stated in the past that this machine wasn’t built to have lots of little firmware updates and that it would be better for the overall stability and longevity to have fewer updates over time. So that may have something to do with why they’re rolling things out the way they are.

I know this is probably not your intention, but statements like this might just alarm people who aren’t following the project as closely. The absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence. In my opinion, there is no reason not to take Brad at his word. Thats my perspective.

Got it! Thanks for clarifying! I apologize for going overboard.

Honestly, I’d much rather help with development in my free time than write all this controversial crap here :stuck_out_tongue:

To sum up, I wish more resources were allocated to software development. Everything else is pretty much my sentiments as a customer

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No problem! That’s totally fair!

they can only go so fast

why not apply to @rozz3r or @bradholland and ask to be involved in beta? that way you can help move things along if indeed you think you are capable

code still has to be written though, people still have to live and eat and so on

i haven’t counted the updates the machine has received nor the bug fixes but it is getting longer and longer which is nothing but +ve, this machine clearly gets lots of attention

as with any SW dev: it happens when it happens, it 's not like the machine doesn’t work in its current state and i know we all operate differently and some niggles affect me or you more than others but there is nothing stopping people using this machine in a massively productive fashion



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