Ableton not detecting ASIO

I can’t seem to get Ableton to recognize my sampler. Has anyone else had any issues with this? Im using windows 7 and ableton live 10

you need to DL asio4all

then use that in ableton settings as the audio driver - then select the 2400 i/o that you want and go

you will need to play with it maybe to get it right, buffer etc - asio4all doesn’t work 100% of the time for 100% of folk but if you can get it going you will be happy i am sure

I would suggest it might be time to move away from Windows 7 as well. Microsoft stopped supporting it last year.

do microsoft ever actually support any of its OS though :rofl:

my win7 system still works like a dog - yeah i know the arguments, virus bla

i did begrudgingly buy a win10 laptop but i still gravitate to my dinosaur - love the old girl

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MS Support aside I think more about developer support and when MS stops supporting the OS that generally means companies/devs for drivers and software (like Ableton) also stop devoting resources to making it compatible.

Thanks for the incite guys! And Thanks for the tip with asio4all j.m !
Im a dinosaur and I’m not a big fan of win 10 or OSX of anykind, lol

Windows 7 was the best. I only switched in the last year.


Seems I hit another snag. Does anyone have an issue with the driver in device manager? I posted a photo I got an exclamation mark beside it but it has also 2 registered and the other is fine. Also doesn’t come up in ASIO4All, also seen in photo.

I dont want to switch over!!!

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yeah i was only joking - as a windows user i have to have a SOH :rofl:

the inevitable upgrade and none support of other gear i had was what forced me to 10 , i knew i would fold eventually but i rode the train hard so i know the sense you speak of.

i still use my7 pc as the mule, the 10 is there for things the 7 cannot do

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me too, feb17 roughly

it will be windows 19 before i leave 10 now :rofl:

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I have 10 on a laptop, its slower harder to maneuver and more of a pain to do things/find things…

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ok - did you DL the new beta v2 asionot4all ??

or the old one, they too are saying 7 is no longer supported - they say it may work - maybe use the older version if they will send it to you?

i agree - i prefer 7 too

life sucks :nauseated_face: :rofl:

one thing i do now is send my normal kbd and mouse to the laptop via wifi - it at least feels better but man, some of the OS - why do they change things that were fine

I tried both the new version didnt have an offline option and the old one did but it didnt show up with the sp2400 driver. It also shows up as double in device manager and seems to have the higth definition audio device tied to it

I agree! I am happy to find that im not the only one who misses 7. At least Im not crazy

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Windows 7 Forever! I will find a way!
Besides I got a tonne of old VSTs I dont think would work anymore. And at least Serato and Ableton still kinda work on this OS

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Surely someone on the tech side of ISLA understands and feels my pain. I hope you guys hear my plea. Please make a win 7 driver :pray: Someone who is a Win 7 fan.
Search your feelings you know this to be true Win 7 is the Best OS !search-your-feelings-tedyou-know-it-to-be-true

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