A Moment of Thanks

I would like to take a moment to thank the developers working on the firmware.
I am seeing this machine really improving. the latest firmware release address one of my major hang ups with the momentary pauses when triggering long samples in slice/loop mode while editing in wave view. This is a huge improvement and slicing feels much more natural. I am overjoyed now, I’m sure I will wear off by tomorrow but just this moment I feel the need to say thank you. we all need to be patient and help this team in anyway possible, with that frequency of these update its clear to see that this team is on the job.

Thanks Guys and Girls


I just want to give everyone involved in this project a shoutout. My 2400 arrived last week, and all the updates have been fantastic. Devs, vocal users, beta testers, Brad, thanks for having the S2400 this stable for my first touch:).

All of your hard work and dedication is much appreciated. Try not to throw each other under the bus (I’ve seen a few jabs and shots below the belt)! Perfection takes time and patience.

Just my two cents.


Well said, strongly agree


mad project and is bringing a lot of happiness

Damn right, and for putting up with all the people pestering for when they’d get their S2400 XD I saw the exasperation on some of those videos, felt so bad for you all.

My S2400 is probably my favorite sampler atm and I have a sampler-rich portfolio. It’s just so fast and quick to do stuff on :smiley:

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Yes, much respect to these guys. Its refreshing to see such discourse and active development on a new product. :ok_hand:

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