White Noise on samples/headphone bleed

I have intermittent issues with 24bit/48kHz samples (stereo, over ~15 seconds) where they are replaced with a white noise burst that is extremely loud. It doesn’t work until I reload the sound, and sometimes it crashes/freezes the project when I navigate to the clear the sound.

Also, I am having headphone out bleed in the Mix Outs, when it is set to headphone…but I sent in a support ticket for that, might be a hardware thing.


Hopefully this is not a hardware issue.

By the way, the audio engine is 16 bit 48khz. There is no advantage when using 24 bit samples. It only uses more RAM and more resources.

What you can try to do first is convert the sample offline in 16 bit 48khz and reload it in the machine to see if the bursts still happen.

A couple of weeks ago, someone had playback issues because of old SD cards. If you have other SD cards it is worth trying if this is the same problem for all SD cards.

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