What's up with the tap tempo?


I’m trying to figure out why my tap tempo acts so erratically, jumping between numbers drastically as I tap in a simple, steady pulse.

Here’s a video:

I have tap tempo average set to 4.

Thanks for your help in advance.

That looks reasonable to me, except the value of 20 right at the beginning, which I presume is because it didn’t have 4 taps to average yet. All the other numbers were within a 10bpm window.

Thank you.

Not sure if this a worthy suggestion, as I’m no tech or math expert, but if the tap tempo average had an option for 16, or even 32 taps that would that help to narrow in more specifically on the tempo being tapped in rather than still being left with a window of 10 bpm to guess between?


Yes I’ve also noticed it seems a bit jumpy, more so then most of my delay pedals with tap tempo.

I just tested it for the first time in ages because I haven’t used it since I found it too jumpy myself. Seems more stable than it was, not sure if it was changed or if my tapping happened to be better today haha.

Comparing to what I usually use which is this website

the S2400 is still far jumpier, but hitting the spacebar on All8 gets me right on the tempo within half a dozen taps.

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