Trim sample and save

I’m sure this is in the manual but maybe someone will search here as well so,

Q1. I have a sample and want to trim the dead air @ start and end ? And have this saved?

Q2. Can I do this after sampling and before saving?

disclaimer: I m not in front of the machine and it’s old memories from past firmwares.

What you can try to do is:
-assign a sample to a pad
-loop/slice mode and press the button to display the waveform editor.
-trim your sample
-press the level button
-press the save button
→you should be able to save your sample

If you press save when in loop/slice waveform editor, does it save the sample and not the project? It would feel more intuitive and natural as a workflow I think.

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Oh thanks I forgot how to find the save options in wave editor.