Step-edit + undo/redo (revisit) request

What’s going on everybody-- I’ve been lurking around the forum for a minute. I haven’t been able to get involved until now, but I have a few feature requests:

  1. Quick erase within step-sequencer: It would be nice to be able to press a pad to add a note and to press the same pad/sound again to remove the note (without affecting set parameters)

  2. Shortcut for undo/redo (mentioned before): Is it possible to code a quicker shortcut for undo+redo-- (Back+help, Back+Enter) , (Back + <<<, Back + >>>) , or any combination that can be one with one hand?

  3. Layers of undo/redo: One layer of undo+redo has been great, but it would be nice to have the option to have multiple levels of undo/redo (if possible) with the short-hand method in request #2 (even without any visual representation on the LED)

That’s all for now… I’m looking forward to the continued growth of the 2400 and the community-- big thanks to the whole team, including the developers.


I agree, a one hand shortcut for undo would be great.

Also just add/remove notes with hitting a pad, no real reason for it to be erase plus pad as I see it…


Much love, thanks for taking the time to chime in on this

Does anybody else agree? I feel like these would be simple but effective functions to implement that would highly improve the workflow.

The features that I listed also don’t appear to interrupt the way of the current workflow either.


Very good idee !


I agree on #2 and #3 for sure, would be nice to have single hand undo and multiple layers as long as redo also has all the layers. on #1 though i like how it’s hold erase + pad to erase currently, it’s pretty fast and easy as is. I do a lot in step program mode and I feel like it would be way too easy to erase something accidentaly. parameters change all the time and an accidental erase would be a lot more work to then have to reset the pad with the parameters the way they were on the accidentally erased hit, then fix that, then likely be thrown out off the workflow of what you wanted to do in the first place…certainly not worth the time saving of one less button for erasing.


Thanks brother, I appreciate the reply, I’m hoping to get more people in on this so that it becomes a discussion

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Thanks for the in-depth reply, it was much appreciated and needed.

Features #2 and #3 would greatly improve the workflow. I’m with you on the multiple layers of undo (including redo)-- this could work for the last active note/channel.

I also agree that erase+pad is easy and I see your point that it could be a headache when notes are accidentally deleted and parameter values are lost; however, I feel like placing a note/removing a note by pad would be a lot more helpful if-(hear me out) parameter data could be saved on a per-step basis within the sequencer. Erase+pad could then be used to erase the entire track from the step sequencer (now two options, of erasing individual notes, or track).

So, if you accidentally press a pad while in the step-sequencer with adjusted parameters and erase it, and you press the pad again, the parameters were recalled-- a note on/note off function, similar to the idea of muting a single note from the sequence.

All in all, if feature #1 is too difficult to implement-- step on/off by pressing pad without erasing pre-set parameters, I’d be more than happy with features #2 and #3.

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I’d be happy with number 2. :slight_smile:


Thanks tnkz76, I’d be happy with with #2 by itself as well. I’m hoping that the team/devs are able to catch this post


I agree. I totally don’t get it how now erase certain note + forget undo shortcut all the time.

That is all in the built-in help.

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Oh, I know it’s there. But shortcut it’s just strange for me.


Mickey, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to reply to this post.
I understand that you guys are primarily focused on the kordbot right now, and I support that.

I’m not sure if you were replying to me, or to @monk-- but, do you think that the feature requests above (#1, #2, or #3) could be coded into the s2400 without interrupting other functions?

As stated above, I think that any of the features that I listed would greatly improve one’s workflow if there is a frictionless way to code them in.

My comment about the help was in reply to Monk.

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I appreciate your feedback on this discussion— it’s the two handed approach that takes some getting used to… it would be nice to free up one hand though

Regarding your feature requests:

  1. I agree with @juniorg that it would make it too easy to accidentally erase something. Erase is a destructive event and requiring the erase key be pressed makes it impossible to do accidentally.
  2. A one-handed shortcut for undo/redo might be doable, but we would have to have enough people hate copy back to change it.
  3. Multiple layers of undo is, of course possible, it just requires a bunch of code. Code = time = money. And I already did one layer of undo even though the boss was not so keen on it at the time. So, if this happens, it would be well in the future.

First, thanks for the detailed reply on each of the points.

I could live without #1-- I wasn’t sure if it was possible to make it a non-destructive event so that adjusted parameters could be retained somehow.

It’s good to know that #2 and #3 are at least possible.

I can see how multiple layers of undo+redo could require a bunch of coding-- and I get that this was not a big company to begin with, so money could only stretch so far.

Well, I’m crossing my fingers that more people feel the same way about having a quicker shortcut for undo in the future… for now, I’ll live with the ‘limitations’

Thanks for all of the hard work @Mickey, same goes to the rest of the team


About point number 2 feel free to add a like as well to the request I created a couple of months ago before it vanishes towards the bottom of the list :slight_smile:

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Didn’t realize that was you that started that post— I remember seeing it a little while back. Thanks again @tnkz76 for weighing in on this :pushpin:

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