Selling my full UAD library

If anyone is interested in getting a very nice deal on UAD plug-ins let me know.

Not sure if I will regret it or not but I’m deciding to let go of my full UAD account.

Around $3000 worth of plug-ins.
(See picture)

UAD do not allow the selling of plug-ins unless it sells with a piece of UAD hardware and then you have the option of transferring all of them or none.

I have sold my Octo card so now I just have the account and plug-ins.

So what I am actually selling is my UAD account password basically that will have all the plug-ins on which will then be then yours to use how ever you want.

I am not exactly sure if you can transfer them all to an already owned piece of UAD hardware.

But with me not having a piece of hardware anymore, if I were to go out and buy a new device I’m 99% sure I could assign it to my full library of plug-ins.

So as I said i’m not certain about adding to an already assigned device, i just honestly don’t know.

But if you are looking to get into the UAD world then this is more than a steal.

I have them currently listed on at £1000 but I am open to sensible offers.

If you would like to know anything please do not hesitate to ask.