S2400 & SP1200 owners/users - your thoughts?

Thanks for sharing @jaIVIalill - always nice to hear opinion from someone who has and uses both SP1200 and S2400 - glad you like the workflow and it makes you more productive!
I’ve still have my good old SP12 Turbo and SP1200 1998 reissue that i bought when it came out.
And i’ve noticed than and still up to today that the SP12 sounds tad different on drums and on samples and even on filters - of source it has slightly higher sampling rate at 12bit 27.5 Khz
Speaking of Drums - for some reason i hear that and SP12 and SP1200 loose low end thump on Bass Kicks and i always struggle to get them to sound right by EQ boost low end on Mixer to compensate - not the case with AKAI S950 sample or MPC3000 - the low end is full and rich. have you noticed any differences in Low end spectrum between S2400 and OG?
( jazzroom sounds )

I don’t really hear that much of a difference in both of them you know, its so much faster than the 1200 usually just fire it up before the 1200 and make half of a beat before the 1200 loads. I do hear that lose end thump on drums and bass your talking about on those SP12 - 1200 machines a little bit more, I hear it on the 2400 when you can stack with low pass and hi pass. the cool thing that the 2400 has that no other sampler that i know of has is going from 16 bit to 1 bit which is like going from the sound of a cd to a old nintendo. Im familiar with the s950 as well the low end is a lot more richer and cleaner. I actually just use the EPS over the s950 i prefer the bass and kicks over it than the s950, thing thumps. Even the asr thumps more so than akai from what ive got from both used. asr10 drums knock like swats raiding pablo escobar

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So you’ve noticed that slight luck of bass thump on OS SP aswell?
S2400 thumps more - nice to hear.
never owned any Ensonic samplers but hear only good things about them.
That downsampling in S2400 makes me curious, can S2400 resample its own outputs with Filters
or when layering Drums or samples together to bounce to a one new sample in 12bit?

So in order to get the drums knocking in the ball park of the sp1200 you said you were laying the same sound but one lowpass and one highpass? Dope. Reminds me of the old stacking sounds on old mpc’s trick. I’ve stacked sounds on the s2400, usually just the actually sample playing back to get a decent bass going under the sample but I’ll try it on drums too. Cheers

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@jazzroom Remember seeing resample on the 2400 in the menu before the newest update. Filters on all stacked pads is possible drums or samples. It has a copy sound pad to pad just like original, it does have 33@45rpm in the settings if you need too (scratched record). On the og sp I would use a cheap preamp to add some beef.

@Droe33 Hell ya!! Try it out! The s2400 already knocks onto heavens door but the gain level when sampling also, I forgot it really helps. I like to stack with lowpass to get deeper bass and kicks. In the meantime a mixer can always be a leftover crispy corner brownie.


I’ve been saying the same for a while now! My MPC-3000 is going unused because this sound profile is actually kind of what I want it to do, sonically. I just wish the S2400’s envelope was a lil more fine tuned, which I think can happen in a future update.

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@malikabdulrahmaan MPC3000 got the best sequencer and swing from all samplers i’ve got in my collection - The sound is warm full with a great bass and a nice LP filter - the only thing that is missing for me is the Track Mute option that came on the MPC2000/2000xl . so you prefer the sound/workflow of S2400 to MPC3000 , what do you mean by envelope - the LP filter or?

I think it all depends on what kind of idea I am executing, when it comes to which machine I use. I’ve been on the 3000 for 20 years so I can move really fast with it…but I can move even faster with the 2400. But then some ideas call for me to use the 2500 or Ableton. Or a combination of a couple of things! Hahaha. By envelope I’m referring to the ADSR. I like the slope of the attack and decay on the 3000 more than the S2400s attack and decay. This because I often don’t like my samples to cut off each other. I’d much more prefer that glide in and out on top of each other. Makes it feel more natural. But I rarely use the timing correct on either machine. I haven’t quantized intentionally in over 15 years haha! But I do feel that the 3000s turn around at the end of a sequence is SO much tighter! And the ability to insert tempo changes is so incredible.


don’t know abut the S2400 as i don’t have it ( Yet?) but i do have SP12 & SP1200 and MPC3000 /2000Xl and MPC1000 , i agree about the ADSR on older MPCs they a feeling just right somehow , 3000 & 2000Xl have pretty much same feel axxept for maybe low bass thump on 3000 and slightly better looser sequencer than on the 2000xl , mpc1000 on the conrary has way more options but doesn’t have that of a sequencer timing like the 3000/2000XL i do need to mycroscopically adjust my drums timing on MPC1000 as on 3000 its just easy to finger drum your patterns …they are always come out groovy . how is the Sequencer time and feel on S2400?

The S2400 sequencer is surprisingly tight when, like the SP1200, the BPM is adjusted to double time. Like recording out a sequence/pattern that normally would be an 86bpm two bar loop at 172bpm and four bars instead. And I agree somewhat with the 2000XL. I bought that first, in 2002, but moved to the 3000 and SP1200 + S950 combo shortly afterwards. I was living in Tokyo at the time and those machines were so cheap on the used market at the time!


Yeah man ! ido remember that time when ppl didnt care for 80 90s gear at all and bought most of my dream samplers i couldnt afford in late 80s early 90s around turn of the century . When the scene switched to DAW VST focused workflow , got my mpc3000 for 1200 eur, s950 with expanded memory for 120euros… SP12 for like 500eur all in France.
i do use sp12 1200 in double time as well for beter swing and timing.
interesting that you like the s2400 sequencer as ive read some complanes here on the forum about the Midi implementation of the S2400 sequencer hanging notes etc.

I honestly think that my liking the sequencer is purely down to the fact that I am primarily interested in the sound of the machine. And I don’t quantize beyond a hi hat or downbeat kick here and there hahaha. Plus the ability to nudge notes in the S2400s step sequencer is amazing! I suppose if I was more reliant on quantization, maybe it would be an issue, but I never hyper focus on those things. I just want to create:


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i sold my old sp1200 and couldnt be happier with the s2400. The main thing for me is the midi implementation being more up to date on the s2400, so i can pitch individual sounds on a per midi channel basis via an external sequencer. On the sp1200 it was a challenge and often messed up. Also sample time!!!

S2400 also adds lots of nice features, like pitch and filter envelope, live looping and ultimately a deeper set of capabilities such as granular sound looping, larger amount of envelope stages, waveform editor, customizable pad colours. There will also be dsp efects and analog filters upcoming i believe. I think the individual outputs are also better suited to wok with balanced mixers, at least in my case.

The only thing that the OG has on the s2400 is the asthetic in my opinion. And of course the resale value.


Hit the nail on the head. This machine is just far more accessible and functional, in this day and age. At 43, I’m Blessed to still be working with young artists, and I’ve been producing lately for an artist on a major label. I’ve used the S2400 for several things that he and other artists have recorded to. Truth be told, I just don’t see me having the same placements using the 1200 these days. It’s hard to put into words. They have embraced a lofi aesthetic, but the lofi sound that the 1200 supplies (especially with its sequencing) isn’t what many of them are after. If I was making dance/house, I could maybe see it having more of a working application for me. I love that the S2400 comes from that world but can also easily produce a sound and feel that’s updated


interesting point of view - i could understand that about the aestethics and nostalgia value and feel of OG, its just t that modern music gear is often strange in their visual astetics colours are often black and plastic like …for example all modern MPCs etc.
thank you for sharing your experience!
and yes - more options in MIDI and Audio department on s2400 are absolutely amazing as far as i could hear and reed.

i know that we have to embrace the sound of todays mainstream music
but my ears refuse it somehow after few minutes of listening to piercing Trap hihats and 808
i guess i am “stuck in the past” haha :wink:
but i do understand your point - to stay relevant in today’s music game we need to work with
new generation and produce for the young “spotify” listeners .

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Just to add my 2 cents:

I have and use (and love) a lot of oldschool samplers, but I also feel that the s2400 is more practical in modern settings working with other artists. I dont mean soundwise, because like you I’m kind of stuck in the past when it comes to sampling and I hate the overused 808 sounds, I’m talking about workflow.

I often hang out with artists and make something on the fly. Sometimes people bring cool samples for me to work with, other times they bring their instruments.

With my 2kxl, zoom sampletrak or rack samplers I often feel kinda awkward during the long and nerdy proces of recording and finetuning samples while they’re waiting.

With the s2400 sampling and chopping is amazingly quick, you can records anything into a looper instantly, and you can easily record and mix everything in your daw over usb. This makes sessions extremely fun. The other day a friend brought an obscure vinyl record, it took me a couple of minutes to have some chops playing over a drumbreak, I recorded a synth bass into the looper while he wrote a chorus and within 10 minutes we were recording his vocals over a tracked out beat in logic.

I guess the modern mpc’s are even quicker in this regard, but I hate touchscreens and the s2400 offers an oldschool workflow with modern enhancements.


sounds like a great workflow -sound combo compared to modern MPCs …fast but dont like the sound…non inspiring somehow …with all the 1000 of options …and such plugins filters…you name it… and touch screen is a distraction…but its fast and portable.
if only s2400 was lighter and more compact …maybe mk2… someday…? haha just kiddin


If only the S2400 had a proper basic mpc-style midi-sequencer (like a classic mpc, Not a modern mpc), to control external synths (mod, pitch, midi notes not getting cut off)… then it’d be the ultimate HW-setup centerpiece :wink:


second that!
can’t beat classic MPCs sequencer
Ive been on MPC3000 since late 90s