S2400 & MPC-2000 XL freeze bug

I experience that the S2400 froze and I cannot do anything and here is what I did in steps.:

  1. Turn on MPC-2000XL followed by S2400.
  2. I jump into midi/sync page on MPC-2000XL and set [Mode: Midi Clock] and [Send MMC: ON] on the Sync out part.
  3. I then jump to the main window on the MPC-2000XL and hit play to see if the S2400 is in sync and it is sync. [All good from here].
  4. On S2400 I hit [Shift] and a desired pad followed by [Assign sound] → SD CARD-> Projects → it then playback the sound and then freeze.


S2400 is set to external midi din clock in advance.

@teevee Is this reproducible? Happens every time?

Dear @Mickey ,
yes, it is reproducible and happens every time, if i do as steps/video above.

I did some further testing and observed following:

  1. it does not happend if [MMC (MIDI machine control)] is off on MPC-2000XL.
  2. It only happends to the files in the [Projects] folder.