S2400 being used live!

Just thought I’d share it here.

Great use of the S2400 as a live instrument and the guys turntable skills are insane

That tape echo is also f’in amazing!


kool video!

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Insane! This dude’s doing so much with all that gear. Scratching isn’t really my thing but the sheer live production quality with all those devices is amazing.

Thanks for sharing!

Yeah looks like he had a plan and probably rehearsed to. TBH I didn’t pay much attention first watch to the fact of the drum machine over the other side of his table, it seems like for some reason he wanted most of his percussives coming from that….I guess it’s a case of ‘a machine for each function’ kind of setup.

BTW thanks for your YT content! The vid on using the S2400 to do some granular sampling/synthesis was great.