S2400 as a daily SP1200 tool

Greeting to all.
I really wish it was actually easier to get your hands on one of these but it is what it is.
My question is based on the reality of how well the S2400 can give you the workflow of the SP1200?
I am not interested in the added features I want to use it as a replacement for my SP1200 on a daily basis instead of continuing to put wear and tear on my SP1200.

With SP1200 really stacking birthdays it would be nice to slow the aging process by using the S2400 in it’s place.

If the consensus is that it won’t accomplish this then I guess I will add a Rossum unit but then I will have to deal with does the Rossum become the unit for use or the backup.

I am open to and appreciate any views on this.

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The S2400 IS actually an “SP1200 on steroids”. The added modern features along with the semi-oldschool workflow is what makes it special. Buying a S2400 just to use it exactly “as an SP1200” is not practical. My 2 cents… :facepunch:


I love my S2400 but yeah, I’d go Rossum if the most important thing to you is the same sp-1200 workflow. The s2400 has a lot of similarities but it’s not going to be a 1:1 experience based on what I’ve heard from folks who have both. The selling point of the 2400 in my opinion is the updated feature set with a similar workflow and feel to the original. So if workflow is your top priority, you might as well cough up the dough and get the Rossum.

The s2400 machine is more advanced in functionality. But the most important thing is the sound. If I know everything correctly, the sound chip installed in the Rossum and Isla are identical. Why pay twice as much and get 5 times less?:wink:

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The static analog filters on s2400 are different than on Rossum.

I didn’t know the exact details about filters. I know that they are on Inputs and on 8out. I haven’t compared the filters with Rossum. Thanks for the info! Now I know it!

Thanks for the replies.
I’m thinking that I’ll more than likely go with the Rossum because the more research I do the less I see the S2400 being like a SP.
As for the more modern aspects of the S2400 they really don’t appeal to me as I have that covered with plenty of modern devices.
The S2400 to me with the tiny display could never serve that purpose due to the tiny display and the menu diving.
I was still remembering the original info on the Isla back when it was being called the SP2400 and looked a little more like the SP1200 with the early SP replacement blurbs.

Understand the S2400 has a lot going for it but unfortunately it does really fit the niche I was trying to fill or push past other devices.

I’ve owned two E-mu SP1200’s and an SP-12 that I sold to Chub Rock. I also still have an Ensoniq ASR 10. Keyboard. I no longer have any of my E-mu SP1200’s. Over the years the shitty buttons start to go and the screens need to be replaced. I’ve done the repairs as well. Not fun and time consuming. I highly suggest you pick up an Isla S2400. The work flow isn’t that difficult. You get much better quality as far as build goes and much more for your money. I sold my last Black SP1200 about 2 years ago for $4000. That’s after I restored all it’s buttons and screen. Keep that in mind. The parts on the S2400 are way better. It sounds exactly like an SP1200. Think about that. The Rossum is way over priced and a waste of hard earned money. Especially for it’s cheap shitty parts. The S2400 is easy to setup and use. P.S. it’s a pain in the ass to boot up an SP1200 with a 3.5" disk as well as replace the shitty drive after a few years. Isla S2400 boots up super fast and it uses modern technology for disk storage . Just think about what I said. You may not get the exact workflow until you buy it and then notice subtle differences and become very comfortable with it’s similar work flow. Bless

Unfortunately since my 2 main machines are my MPC-X and Maschine Studio.
My other samplers I use specifically because of what they are, be it the ASR, SP. S950, Emax etc.
I was just thinking to keep the miles off the SP by using the S2400 in it’s place.

I’ll just have to accept that the S2400 isn’t a SP and add a Rossum SP if I want to extend my SP’s life.