Right channel only when sampling

It would be really great to be able to sample from “right channel only”, as it’s possible for “left channel only” right now. Both for jack and RCA-input. I like to listen to a sample in stereo and choose which side is best for mono-sampling.


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Hey Mickey, excellent work on the box. There is always a workaround for this type of routing but was there a particular reason why the right channel isn’t an option?

The Audio Engine programmer figured that people sampling from a mono source, would just plug a mono cable into one jack.

@Rockyresendes correct not only break beats but jazz and funk they played with the channels just like we are lol but @Mickey guitars ect and or drums were panned heavy this is nice if we can get it to both channels . salute MATE 100

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I would also like the option to select the right channel only when sampling, instead of physically swapping the left & right inputs

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You can’t do this when sampling from USB input.

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This would also be super helpful to be able to leave multiple instruments plugged in at the 4 inputs and switch between them.
Loving this S2400 wonder!


Yes, both useful if thing you want to sample are panned to the right and don’t wanna swap cables and it would let you have 2 mono instruments connected and choose which one to use without having to re-patch in the back


this would be great! I would assume it is only 1 line of code to implement as well. Fingers crossed it will appear in the firmware soon

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I have to write a few more lines of code before I can make this one line of code :slight_smile:



its in today’s update


Unreal !

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Amazing, great work!